The Neutral Blush For All Makeup Days – Benefit’s Dallas


During a quick trip to Ulta–quick because my boyfriend can only sit on the nearest chair for so long–I came across Benefit’s Dallas blush. Since buying the blush, I’ve seen a resurgence of love for it from a few youtubers in their recent favorites and I can now see why.

The blush has a brownish, tan, pink hue.

The blush is packaged in a cardboard box that closes via a tiny magnet and includes a mirror which can come in handy. It’s been my go-to blush during trips and on days when I’m in a rush as well as on days when I have more time to do my make-up.

Dallas is a neutral blush that can be worn with any eye look. It’s been described on the box powder itself as “an outdoor glow for an indoor gal face powder” as well as “…a dusty sunset plum powder…”. While I’ve enjoyed pairing the earthy, tannish-pink blush with simple eye makeup for a natural everyday look , I’ve especially enjoyed wearing it with dramatic eye makeup (check out my latest posts here and here 🙂 to see some examples). Looking back at my photos, in certain light I realize that the brownish-pink hue can also function as a light bronzer if desired.


(On the left side of the hand) Benefit's Dallas, swatched with a blush brush. (On the right) A finger swatch of Dallas.
(On the left side of the hand) Dallas swatched with a brush and (on the right side of the hand) a finger swatch of Dallas.

Dallas has a simple and very pleasant scent that is noticeable when smelling the product from the box itself and during application, but it does not linger on the face throughout the day. I use the Real Techniques Blush Brush to apply the product because the soft and fluffy hairs pick up and distribute the powder well across the cheeks for a natural finish. Furthermore, the blush does have micro-shimmer, but it does not at all reflect off the cheeks like flex of glitter would, but instead offers a very subtle glow. The micro-shimmers are only visible when looking into the box powder as well as looking closely towards the face.

Dallas lightly swept across the cheeks. I’ve also layered this product for a bronzed look.

Dallas sweeped across the cheeks.

In conclusion, I really like this blush. It has been my go-to blush because it’s easy to wear with a variety of looks. The scent is beautiful and makes blush application a little more luxurious. The packaging is cute and not at all bulky. Plus, given it’s versatility, it might be the only blush you’ll need in your makeup bag. HAHAHA I’m just kidding. I still love the variety of pinks and peaches, but if I had to choose, I’d be happy carrying just Dallas.

Another blush I’ve kept on my wish list includes Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Blush in the color Exposed, which I’ve heard offers similar results.

Let me know if there are any other neutral or go-to blushes you love pairing with your makeup looks! 🙂

This blush retails for $28.


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