Kouign Amanns for Life

It had been awhile since my first trip to B. Patisserie and since indulging in the deliciousness that is the Kouign Amann (pronounced like “Queen Ah-mawn”). My friend Tiffany was free that day and I wanted her to try the flakey, slightly syrupy, layered pastry. In addition to their pastries, they also offer desserts, a small brunch menu, and coffee by Four Barrel. It was fun seeing Tiff and being able to share this place with her, so I thought it’d be fun to share this place with you guys too. 🙂


There wasn’t a wide variety of desserts displayed that day, but we got there around 4pm and might’ve just missed them during breakfast and lunch.


I had an iced americano, and Tiff, an iced mocha.
A Kouign Amann. A buttery, flakey, layered pastry with sweet syrup at the bottom. Great with coffee!
The babe.
When Tiff cut through the pastry and all you heard was the crackle, crisp, and flaking of its outer baked goodness, it was like “oohhhhhhh~”. We both ate happily.


We couldn’t just come in for one! LOL We each bought a few more for our families. I also brought home a chocolate banana almond croissant, which was delicious too.

I’ll always come back for the Kouign Amanns because they’re my favorite, but the desserts also looked decadent and probably calls for another trip sometime soon.

While the baked goods are wonderful, the bakery itself is also beautiful. It features an open pastry kitchen,  windows that let in a lot of sunlight, and white marbled countertops that illuminate the space and give it its modern aesthetic.

There had always been a line given the two times I’ve come here, but compared to my first visit, which was during morning hours, the place wasn’t as crazy–to our delight–during my second visit with Tiffany. It was mellow and we got seats, hoorah! So I’d say, drop by sometime late afternoon, if you want to avoid a crowd.

And that was a small portion of my day. I hope you guys enjoyed! 🙂


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