My $20 Sponge – A Beautyblender Review

The beautyblender has been and continues to be a beauty tool favorite amongst makeup lovers everywhere. Despite knowing this, watching demos, and reading reviews, I still wasn’t convinced about the miracle working sponge. Its a sponge! HAHA. I personally enjoy using brushes to apply makeup, but while shopping with a girlfriend one day, I thought why not give it a try? My friend couldn’t help but laugh at the idea of paying $20 (or $19.95 before tax) for a single sponge when anyone could buy a pack of makeup sponges for less than half of that, which seems to be a better deal overall. But I also thought “what if? what if it’s that great and it’s actually worth it”? If the beautyblender is reusable (minimum waste, whoo!), washable, and produces amazing results, maybe it might be an even better value. And so I tried it out for a week. DSC03896

I decided to use my Tarte Full Coverage Amazonian Clay Foundation and the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer to test the out the beautyblender. Its a go-to foundation of mine that provides full coverage without looking cake-like or heavy. And the concealer is great too.


I haven’t used a makeup sponge application for many years, so I decided to use the buffing brush on the right side of my face and the beautyblender on the left side, to compare and help measure the results of the beautyblender.


The beautyblender comes in a variety of colors including red, black, and pink. Shaped like a tear drop, the sponge expands when put under water. The instructions for how to use the sponge is simple as well:

  1. Saturate the BB.
  2. Towel dry the BB (or squeeze out the water as best you can).
  3. Dip the BB into your favorite makeup.
  4. Stipple (bounce/pat/press) the makeup on.
  5. Air dry on top of the open canister when you finish.

In addition to that it’s latex free. And here we go!

I tested out the beautyblender on the left side of the face. On the right side of the face I will use a buffing brush to apply the rest of the foundation and compare the results of both tools.
I start off with a moisturized, makeup free face. Here I hope to see how the beautyblender will help cover up acne scars, dark spots, and even out my skin tone.
I apply the foundation directly onto skin on the left side of my face.
This is the result after stippling the foundation with the beautyblender.
There’s great coverage that still looks natural on the left side of the face, while the right side of the face is still makeup free.
The right side of my face before applying foundation with a buffing brush.
And this is after I’ve applied and buffed out the foundation on the right side of the face. I always use a buffing brush and find that it distributes and blends foundation well. The face looks even on both sides and any blemishes and imperfections are concealed.
I use the pointed tip of the beautyblender to blend out the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer under my eyes.
Everything blended out!
I went ahead and finished the rest of my makeup.
And this is the final look. 🙂


The beautyblender works wonderfully and is fun to use. Because I ran it under cold water, it felt really soothing and refreshing when stippling it onto the skin, which is great for groggy mornings. I could probably sit in one place and just stipple my face for hours (there goes my life~).

I also love the dual ended aspect of the beautyblender. The pointed side is useful for the smaller crevices of the face such as around the eyes and nose.

In comparison to using the buffing brush, there’s little difference in the time it take to use each tool to apply foundation.  Because you’re making large sweeps across the face, the buffing brush applies foundation a little bit faster than the beautyblender would, which requires a dotting or patting motion all across the face.

I can see how using the beautyblender wet could help soften or make heavier/full coverage foundations appear more natural on the face. The difference between the texture and finish of the foundation on my face didn’t look drastically different on either side, but in terms of blending the foundation across my smile lines, the Beauty Blender did so better.

There is a soap specifically made for cleaning the beautyblender, but I opted to use the Johnson’s Baby Shampoo which I use to clean all my brushes. It works well and makes it smell great. The Beauty Blender does get stained with the makeup even after washing, but it still gets cleaned.

All in all, it’s a great tool to use for applying foundation and cream products. My favorite part is just how soothing it feels when using it on the face. The beautyblender is refreshing, fun to use, and applies makeup well. The best part is probably not having to throw away so many makeup sponges. 🙂

The beautyblender retails for: $19.95

Do you use makeup sponges to apply makeup and what do you think of the beautyblender if you already use it? 🙂


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