Udon, Dogs, and Totoro! – Cherry Blossom Festival 2015

This past weekend, my babe of a friend Rachel and I, went to the Cherry Blossom Festival.  The last time we had gone was in high school when we were doing volunteer work. Since then, we haven’t been been in the city around this time so it was nice to see all the local businesses, booths, organizations, and FOOD! There was also an insane line for a Hello Kitty Cafe Truck. Here’s a snippet of our Sunday!

Rachel and I came to the festival during it’s first weekend, but there is a parade this upcoming Sunday! 🙂



How could we not!? They’re such lovely dogs!  This one loved Rachel or Rachel loved this one haha.


This little girl kicked butt and it was hella cute. 
Contrary to her expression in the picture, she was the loveliest dog we saw that day! She was really friendly and basked in all the adoration.  ❤
That Darth Vader shirt!


Couldn’t believe they made a huge Totoro out of wool haha.
The sun was out, but it was pretty windy that day! So we decided to have some udon noodle soup from one of the vendors. 🙂 


Dessert! There was also a huge line for this, so we ate our udon noodle soup while in line. 






Going to the Cherry Blossom festival brought back memories of being around the Japantown area and the relaxed atmosphere of SF as a whole. It was fun to see people out and about, and some of the booths had really cool items including terrariums, printed t-shirts, jewelry, and other items that centered around Japanese and Bay Area culture. We walked all day and ventured up Fillmore into Cow Hollow before deciding our feet were tired. If you’re looking for something to do, this upcoming weekend is the last weekend of the festival! 🙂


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