Some Flat Out Fab MAC Lipsticks!

As a makeup lover, it’s kind of weird–and shameful? haha–that I’ve never owned a MAC lipstick. Tsk tsk. I decided to visit the MAC store in downtown because my friend Erika messaged me about a collection of matte lipsticks they recently released. While there, I browsed their lipsticks–which all looked beautiful–tried a few on, and left with these beauties.



Erika is also a huge lover of lipsticks, particularly those from MAC, and she recommended that I use their Prep + Prime Lip, which functions as a lip conditioner and lip primer. We had a discussion about the much loved, but also very drying Ruby Woo and she claims that for the retro matte formulas, the lip base helps make for a smoother application and more comfortable wear.


I like that it comes in a slim tube and that the cap has modest bits of shimmer. It has a light vanilla scent, as do all MAC lip products do, and wears comfortably on the lips. The texture isn’t too waxy so it doesn’t make the lipstick applied on top slip too much. It does make the matte formula–especially the Flat Out Fabulous’s retro matte formula–easier to apply and more comfortable to wear.


All the colors

As for the lipsticks, I picked up two wearable, everyday colors, and a bright one for whenever I’m feeling more bold.

The two wearable colors include Twig (Satin), which is a muted brownish mauve, and Mehr (Matte), a muted pink mauve. LOL I didn’t realize or think about this while in the store, but at a glance both Twig and Mehr look the same in the tube. However, when worn Twig appears more brown and Mehr wears more pink. While taking photos of both lipsticks, I had to double check and label the photos accordingly haha. Lastly, I picked up the bold lipstick Flat Out Fabulous (Retro Matte). How awesome is the name and color?

From left to right, the colors swatched include Mehr (Matte), Twig (Satin), and Flat Out Fabulous (Retro Matte).
Mehr (Matte), a muted pinkish mauve. 
Mehr applied on the lips.

I see Mehr as a color I’d wear everyday because it’s pinkish mauve tone would match with any eye look. It’s also one I can grab and apply on the bus when in a rush (Monday mornings look like this). Unlike the retro matte formula, Mehr’s matte formula isn’t drying on the lips, nor does it drag across during application.

Twig (Satin)
Twig applied on the lips.

Twig’s creamy satin formula applies smoothly across the lips. It wears comfortably and is another dependable go-to lipstick for everyday wear. I think the brown tone would look especially great on cold days or the fall/winter season.

Flat Out Fabulous (Retro Matte)


Erika snapchatted a picture of her wearing this lipstick, which inspired me to grab one as well. Flat Out Fabulous (Retro Matte) is a fun, bright magenta and I like wearing it with simple eye makeup–be it just mascara, or with both mascara and winged liner. It is the most drying of all the lipsticks and can drag across the lips, but it’s lasting power is amazing. Do I feel more fabulous while wearing this? Oh yeah~ I think it’s a fun color to wear day or night! While using a makeup removing oil to take it off, I can see that the lipstick had left a bright pink stain on my lips.

All in all, I’ve enjoyed everything in this haul. 🙂  The formulas are long wearing, comfortable, and pigmented. Let me know if you have any fav products from MAC because I’d love to hear it! 😀

The MAC lipsticks retail for: $16 each

MAC’s Prep + Prime Lip retails for: $16


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